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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  April 14, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. you see it, you record it, and they want to take it. can police officers legally take your cell phone as evidence? tonight, we have one man's story. somethings get a lot better with age and now that includes cars. the brands that are gaining value while they're on the road. >> what can cities do to recognize kids that do good things in the community? >> they are the future but until then, she is responsible. what oakland kids want from their mayor. >> and it's where you go if you don't have something in need. why a bay area grocery store is also stocking prom dresses. good evening. i'm dana king. >> he was convicted of sex
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assault not once, not twice, but six times and he allegedly met his latest victim over one of the most popular dating websites. now, is being sued and urged to screen its members. grace lee asks, is that a good idea? >> while looking for love on, something went terribly wrong for a hollywood executive. >> i can tell you that the allegation is a forced -- >> we don't know her name, but her attorney says they filed a civil suit. they don't want money. they want to stop from signing new members until it starts screening for sexual predators. >> in a sense that we want to alert the public for the possibility that there are other predators online dating and using >> web says the man who attacked his client has been convicted six times for sexual battery is registered on the
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sex offender list and in the la times last year for one of its crimes. >> it's no different than meeting someone in a social setting. >> said its users date at their own risk. >> it's impossible for a company with a million subscribers and over 10 million members to do a thorough and complete background search on people. >> i'm 95% sure that we would have seen that particular conviction. >> robert buckholt says his service will investigate for you. for about $15, will see if someone is registered as a sex offender or on the fbi terrorist list. >> it's all over the internet. now as single adults, we are going on the internet and not giving ourselves the same precaution that we push on our children. >> in san francisco, grace
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lee, cbs 5. >> dwell a lot of things get better with age. anchor men and women, of course. now you can add used cars to that list. elizabeth cook on the cars appreciating age these days. elizabeth. >> reporter: it seems drivers everywhere can't seem to catch a break. first it was gas price, now people that buy used cars are feeling the pinch in their pocketbooks. now more than ever people are looking to buy used cars, but is it a better deal? >> people say there she comes, it's nice and red. but i like it like that. >> jennifer can't wait to hit the road in the 2007 red hot mercedes she just bought. like millions of people in the market for a car, she didn't want to buy a brand-new set of wheels. >> you know, why for third of the price buy a used one, you know, as long as the miles is good and looking good, why not? >> jennifer feels she got a
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great deal. a new study reveals the price of used cars is on the rice. more people want used and the industry is trying to keep up. sam is the sales manager at elite motors in daily city. because of the basic laws of supply and demand. >> if you go two or three years ago when the economy took a slump. people weren't leasing cars. here we are three years later. big part of our inventory is lease returns ask there's a shortage of lease returns in market. >> found the average price of a used car increased by 10% this year. brands with the highest gains include hun hyundai. >> they didn't depreciate too much. >> bad news for new buyers, but good news for sellers. anthony fitzgerald owned his
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ford for eight years. >> your car became more valuable. >> i guess it is. that's nice. >> it makes sense for the buyer because he'll get more none for it. >> the cash for clunkers program took a lot of inventory away from the used car industry. but business is better than ever. ken ken. >> 92 driving around. sounds better every day. still got a lot of life left. > definitely. >> thanks elizabeth. well, it's what happened after the verdict in the oscar grant case. now it's payback time. a judge ordered terri williams and gerald to pay $25,000 to an oakland jewelry store owner. police say that they found the two men in possession of jewelry stolen from that shop on that night. it broke out in july last year
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after he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. two fights involves bay area high school students and both were recorded and posted online. they happened last week just off the heyward high school campus. first on thursday, then again on friday. the video shows black students fighting with latino students and there may be a gang element involved. >> nicely governed. i just see crowds of people. i see kids gone everywhere. >> when they are with us, they are under our car before and after school activities. that they feel safe and they are safe. >> the school did just win accommodation for taking steps to increase safety and students are prohibited from wearing red or blue to school, which are known gang colors.
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still, nobody enforces that rule. it's teenagers versus the mayor of oakland. a group of high school kids sat down tonight with the mayor and on their agenda, education and programs to help young people grow. mark lets us in on some of the tough questions they have for the mayor. >> so, why are you here? what do you want to hear from us? >> the mayor faced young, but thorough interviewers today. >> what are your exact plans? >> the students quizzed the mayor for an hour at the cable tv channel. >> we know that kids who miss 20 days from school -- >> while the dialogue was friendly, it covered serious topics including crime, education, and opportunity students. >> doing good in the community. >> the mayor says having input is critical as she continues to
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shape her administration, which is just over 100 days old. >> these programs are from campuses all over the city. >> were you impressed with the questions? >> yes, i am. young people ask the toughest questions, better than you guys. >> high school junior, allen hamilton wanted to no i about volunteer opportunities. >> i interviewed the mayor. it feels good. >> and alexis brown wants to know what is being done to help him? >> certain things we can't afford to do. i just wanted to no what we could do to make that better. >> this will not be the last time a public official will be quizzed. next month the school superintendent will be in the hot seat. family members of ryan stowe are hopeful he could wake
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up from his medically induced coma and soon. they told aol news that he was weaned off. two men brutally beat him into a coma after the giants dodgers season opener in los angeles. also today, police released a new sketch of one of those attackers. he has a distinctive mole on his left cheek. police have drastically beefed up their security at dodger stadium. >> you want beerology somebody, you do any kind of assault and you're going to go to jail. >> tim lincecum pledged $25,000 of his money. that brings it to at least $235,000. his job is to make sure that they keep you safe. afterall, the stories the man in charge of air traffic controller is stepping down. what the feds are saying what's next for air traffic
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controllers. ingredients for a memorable night that wouldn't happen without help. the grocery store that is making room for prom dresses. >> they did their part, and now it's going to cost them. cons vens is forcing them to raise rates. >> when you thought it was safe to put the umbrella away. clouds back in the pickture. as eyewitness news continues right here on the cw.
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man watching some police action questions about the way a police officer handled a man watching some police action from his own garage. the man recorded the incident
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on his cell phone and as robert lyles tells us, that man ended up in handcuffs. >> good. i'm going to take the phone, because that's going to be evidence. >> the message is that there are bad officers out there. they are police that use the badge and to bully and i believe that's who i met. >> lionel stands in his garage in the exact spot where he says he confronted officers scott yates. >> i definitely believe that he was wrong, period. >> they were in the garage last saturday restoring this old car when he opened the garage door. >> and then i see something else. so i started video taping. >> video taping three young men and a young woman who police say detained outside his front door. he says nine patrol cars responded allegedly for
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robbery. he had to press record. >> we don't want another incident like the bart police situation. >> officer yates approached. >> i was thinking this is crazy. i'm thinking, are you serious? kind of got a little scary. i'm in here by myself with this officer who just clearly violated me. >> aren't homeowners protected from unwarranted search and seizure? >> just because you are in your home does not mean that you have a restriction and that you don't have to share or give that information to the police. > dushane was cuffed. instead ticketed for obstructing justice. >> in this case, what they are saying and alleging is that his video taping or not turning over the video tape interfered with either their arrest or investigation. >> but vallejo police may be backing down. the single dad of two who works as a bus driver says he was
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just contacted by internal affairs asking that he be interviewed for their investigation. in vallejo, robert lyles, cbs 5. >> after a series of troubling incidents, the man in charge of all safety is stepping down. henry, chief operating officer at the federal aviation administration announced his resignation today. it follows several reports of tower controllers falling asleep on the job. the latest incident was in reno wednesday morning. a controller fell asleep, didn't respond to a medical emergency plane that was trying to land. >> i want the flying public to know we aren't sitting around trying to make excuses. we've stepped up. we added more staff and i believe personally that this is an outrageous situation nay will not stand on my watch. >> the faa is now increasing staffing in 27 airport towers
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including sacramento international airport to make sure at least two people are always in that tower. >> a bay area supermarket not only lets you fill up your cart, but also with a treasure you might remember for the rest of your life. juliette goodrich on the idea behind prom dresses you can get for free. >> safeway checker and head clerk had an idea. a way you can give back to the community in a way you wouldn't expect at a grocery store. >> they can try on a dress. wear it to prom, and hopefully next year donate it. >> a situated right next to the chicken. only the dresses are free. >> last year, we got in about 60 dresses. got rid of every single one of them. this year we had 200 plus dresses come in. >> and for kelsey, it's a
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dream come true. a chance to go to the ball for free. this vallejo mom donated her daughter eases prom dresses. she paid more than $100 for them. >> i rented a couple problems when she was in high school. she just graduated from college and cleaning out her closet. i told her that safeway had this going on. i saw it one time when we were shopping. >> i personally came from a poor family in high school and will hi to save up. it's nice when people get together and help others that are less fortunate than them. >> you wouldn't care if your date got a dress from safeway? >> oh yeah, it's cool. i wish they could offer tuxes here. if they can't afford it, they have a chance to get pretty. >> they hope other stores will
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follow their lead. creating priceless memories for free. in vallejo, cbs 5. that's nice. >> that's a great way to go. all paid for by safeway. roberta. >> they do a lot of credible acts. good evening, everybody. by the time the sunset. we have between 59 and san francisco. to 67 degrees in gilroy and santa cruz. our numbers have been averaging anywhere from 5 to 6 degrees below average. we typically should be at 70 inson jose, but instead checked in at 64 degrees. tonight with a veil of clouds. overnight lows in the 40s across the entire bay area. mid 40s from redwood city and 45 degrees. now tomorrow morning, if you wanted to be on the safe side, grab that umbrella. we have a chance of rain
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showers, especially north of the golden gate bridge. we have a shield of clouds and rain right there parked over the north western state of california. not making it as of yet, but it will. jet stream is bringing one weak system into the bay area right after is the. now i'll be the systems on the weak side. we paint light rain showers. it looks like around the clear lake area. otherwise, partly to mostly cloudy skies. inland areas, winds will be out of the north 5 do 10 miles per hour. there's your extended forecast. partial clearing of the skies monday and then partly sunny tuesday through thursday, but temperatures below that 70- degree mark for the most part. pushing up. >> all right roberta, thanks.
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you should have been out driving tonight because right now it is complete madness at one gas station. mike shows us what is creating all the chaos, mark. >> we are at 98th and international south oaf the oakland coliseum and look what happened. we have cars backed up in all directions trying to put this in. i can't sign it. a premium at 4:35. take a look at the pump is showing. the pump is showing $1.35 a gallon. 7.3-gallons for this man. this is unsin. we don't know what is going on, but how do you hear about it? >> back in the bottom of the streets and stuff. figured there is something going on. you come in and gas is $1.35, what was your reaction to that? >> get up and get this game.
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nine gallons for $13, what do you think of that? >> that's amazing. >> so we don't know what is causing this clerk. the clerk doesn't seem to know. people are getting gats for $1.35 a gallon. >> it's like 1984, literally. the book, the movie. >> or 1974, there you go. >> mark sayer in oakland. >> unlucky people. here on the other end of the spectrum, people in the south bay may end up paying price for too much water. proposing rates. get this. 65% over the next five years. t because people have been conserving two well. district officials say if anyone buys too much, fees can
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no longer work. >> it's discouraging. we really have been trying to redo our sprinkler system. we are trying to watch our showers. when they raise the rates, it's discouraging. >> other districts are seeing their hikes reiched as well. could be up to 12% by july. we'll be right back.
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and mark tells us that the gas there in arco is back up to $4.35. they fixed the pump. that's the way it goes. you can get your facelifted, your tummy tucked in a matter of hours, but what about something more complex. is it true what they say? you can get a whole new set of teeth in one day? that's tonight's good question. you seen the before and after photos. they are pretty dramatic. people with teeth missing or no teeth at all and a claim that it can all be fixed in one day. >> the treatment may be a lay, but the planning is much longer than that. >> an expert in restorative dentistry says it is implant therapy where dentures or single teeth are bolt on.
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it's not something that you do in one day. >> i guess we can get it down to 3 or 4 total points and various time lines. >> there are bone cat scans and a diagnosis. that all need to be done, even in the case of implanted dentures. it might be possible to pull it all off in a single day. >> in a 24 pearl from going into a disabled location is unrealistic. >> click on connect to send me your good questions. >> you can't escape fate.
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he tank..start for the first time ever,
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the sharks and the los angeles kings met in a playoff game tonight at the tank. start the clock. sharks lost just one in six meetings against the kings late second. sharks turn it over behind their own net. merry christmas, he ties the game at 2. but then with five minutes left in the first overtime period and a gain that just ended. he's going to be fard if the sharks take game one in overtime 3-2, it ended just minutes ago. go, go, crisp, leating the hair down. it looks like linc from the mob scwowd. detroit got on the board in the 7th against tyson ross. full-timely the nationwide tour is in hey word. trying for his second
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professional tournament. he shats an 11 over 81. he is tied for last place. covent shoot his number, which is 80. >> he is good plyer all right, see you at 11:00.
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